Equimunda manure cleaner

CS-Innovations introduce the brand new Equimunda manure suction machine on the market. This machine was developed after thorough market research, finding the best partners in the field of construction engineering and hydraulics and collaboration with specialists from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the field of noise and air.

WHY: The market research has been based on discussions with potential buyers and owners of similar machines. Furthermore, CS innovations has intensively worked and demonstrated with a similar machine on their own equine business. Resulting that the Equimunda manure suction machine has everything you may expect as a future user.

QUALITY: Both design and construction, of the Equimunda is entirely done on two locations in the Netherlands. The first location does the engineering and construction of the machine and at the second location, the machine is provided with the desired drive and hydraulics. It is because of this there’s an additional quality control during the construction process of the machine from which gives you as a customer the benefits.

PURPOSE: Despite manure suction is the Equimunda main purpose, other possibilities are conceivable as vacuuming leaves and loose dirt on the lawn, yard or in the barn.

WHY MANURE SUCTION: Withdrawing the manure from the whey prevents the further development of the larvae, which settle in the horse manure, to nasty worms. Advantage is reducing of worming your horses to once a year instead of four times. Your benefits are reducing of costs and decrease resistance of your horses against worming. Reducing the number of worm cures is widely recommended by equine veterinarians just to prevent the resistance, but as they say, it’s only useful in combination with adequate pasture management with the Equimunda.

ADVICE: It is partly for this reason that we only do sucking with the Equimunda manure suction machines to ensure proper pasture management. To our opinion brushing the meadow will always leave manure remains as with a pitchfork.

FLEXIBILITY: In addition to the standard range of machines we can also build tailor made because every horse business has its own needs.

WHO IS CS-INNOVATIONS: CS-Innovations focuses on the sustainable and innovative development of new products and ideas to People Planet Profit. The founder of CS Innovations is also 9 years co-owner of a Horse Riding Company and has worked on the F-16 and has been working for more than 30 years in the tank-, equipment- and machine building. It should be understood that these combinations of experiences has been an excellent basis for the development of the Equimunda manure suction machine.



CONTACT: For more information, please contact Christ Smulders on +31 (0) 6 27 34 98 26 or send an email to info@cs-innovations.eu.

Equimunda - deluxe

The Equimunda Deluxe ground and paddock cleaner operates fully hydraulic but less user friendly options are also possible. Capacity of the fully powder coated holder can be adapted to your needs based upon your input and experience of our sales engineer. Working of the Equimunda can be done by different manners. For example by PTO or fuel motor but also directly by Hydraulic from your tractor or knick loader. Turbine can be hydraulically or belt driven without losing its outstanding suction to pick up the manure form your field or paddock. The Equimunda Deluxe is provided with a lit and dumping device which can be opened hydraulically from out of your seat. Also the suction scoops can be lifted and lowered hydraulically. If you choose for a fuel driven motor a battery will come along to start it electrically.

Equimunda suction systems

Standard delivery with the Equimunda is the in-house engineered suction mouth. This suction mouth can be mounted central or along side the Equimunda. Suspension of the suction mouth is done in such a way that uneveness in the meadow will be no problem. Besides the fixed suction mouth you can also use the ergonomically designed hand suction mouth which is delivered with a 4 meter long nylon reinforced PVC hose. Thanks to the use of a separate suspension rack the suction mouth is easy to use and the hose will not damage the Equimunda carroserie.

Equimunda and ergonomics

By choosing a keen setting of turbine diameter and rotation speed we believe that the Equimunda ground and paddock cleaner is more silence than its opponents. We also reduced the air outlet speed which results in fewer outflows of dust and small parts. Using the Equimunda inside your stable is now possible by just placing an optional hood cover to direct the less airflow along the machine towards the floor.
Cleaning of the Equimunda is very easy with the universal water connection onto the turbine housing. Because the air outlet is made of perforated steel plate you can easily clean it with a high pressure water device. Technical maintenance is similar to your other equipment. If required we can offer you a maintenance contract which will take away all your maintenance worries.

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