When do we need light and why do we need light. Both questions are to be evaluated when we are going to buy new lighting. It is not always true that more watts lead to a better visibility. CS-Innovations has proven in several projects that choosing the right lamp, lamp mirror, watts and light colour resulted in better visibility and lower energy consumption. It is also well known that better visibility is good for the welfare of humans and animals especially for those who must stay or work for longer periods in artificial lighting.

Honestly: What’s the use of energy saving if costs will rise of illness and sickness absence?


Currently there are two light sources that predominate on light quality, sustainabilty and energy efficient. CS innovations fits both light sources in a possible to make lighting and energy calculation. Based on the results and the specifications provided by you is making a choice in the short and long term for you as a client a lot easier.


CS-innovations and has been working on innovative solutions in the agricultural sector including the introduction of Induction light in the cattle barns and riding schools but also LED lighting in poultry sheds and piggeries and ongoing projects in the mushroom industry.


You can contact CS Innovations for a honestly and independent advice. The word NO is sometimes used if this advise suits best for you. Purchasing the products via CS-Innovations is also possible within competitive pricing.

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